Other 2013 Global Accessibility Awareness Day Activities

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Listed here are other activities that individuals and organizations are undertaking to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Be sure to e-mail globala11yawarenessday@gmail.com to let us know what you are doing so we can include it here.

  • Deque Systems is marking GAAD by extending the application deadline for their Amaze Accessibility Grant.
  • Teruko Ikeda ICT Group describes their 2013 plans in Asia.
  • AMI describes plans to mark GAAD in Canada.
  • A communication about GAAD went out to the entire University of California system. UC Berkeley, Davis, and Irvine Campuses are urging their web developers to perform accessibility testing on at least one web page. UC Davis will also hold a clinic on how to test as well as brief presentations by staff on the importance of Web accessibility and tools and methods for testing and creating accessible content. The UCLA Disabilities & Computing Program will demo the AMP accessibility testing software to their web developers and will also give an intro to what accessibility is & the role programmers can play in improving it.
  • The Accessibility Project (A11yProject) encourages developers to get involved in a Global Accessibility Awareness Day SPRINT on GitHub before May 9.
  • NC State University is participating in Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
  • Facebook's accessibility team Tweeted via @FBAccess that they will mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day with an internal accessibility camp. "Fun events planned for the day!"
  • George Brown College in Toronto will mark GAAD by sharing via eMail to all staff and on screens throughout the college key videos which were recently developed on the importance and rationale for Captioned and Described Video (for Blind and Low-Vision persons) and how to use the Ubi-Duo, (for supporting Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons).
  • Siteimprove will mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day by eMailing their approximately 1,400 clients in the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark informing them of GAAD, and encouraging them to take part in activities such as going mouseless for an hour. For everyone who participates, they will donate $5 (an equivalent amount in the other countries) to a charity (the charity is country specific).
  • Accessible Cyberspace Forum (pol. Forum Dostępnej Cyberprzestrzeni) is marking GAAD by holding Warsaw Poland's first Accessibility Camp on May 9 in the premises of the Ministry of Administration and Digitization. The entire content of the event will be translated into sign language and online.
  • PayPal will mark GAAD with its employees: in San Jose by soft launching an accessibility Showcase, a room where employees will be able to experience assistive technology in action; in Chennai, by hosting an internal awareness event as well as a public workshop/panel with external guests; and in Singapore, with an internal event making developers aware of assistive technology and accessibility.
  • Neighborhood Health Plan, part of Partners Health Care (Boston) will hold an introductory seminar for their employees to the accessibility of products, services, and process, and give some past and current live accessibility business case examples.
  • Intuit is celebrating GAAD on May 9 by kicking off a month-long series of accessibility talks, events, and articles. All Intuit employees will learn about GAAD on May 9 with an article that highlights accessibility updates, resources, and challenges to learn more about life with a disability. Recent work with MyBlindSpot, for QuickBooks accessibility, as well as innovative approaches to Intuit's Small Business Group web sites will be featured at Intuit's annual Technology Forum.
  • The National Association of the Physical Disabled-Nepal (NAPD) will mark GAAD the afternoon of May 9 at their office with a meeting of ICT Professionals: web developers/designers, software developers, mobile Apps/devices; Computer Association of Nepal (CAN)'s representative, representatives of Nepali Govt relevant ministries and different DPOs representatives.
  • May 9 only, SSB BART Group is marking GAAD by giving $100 off June ACE Institute accessibility courses.
  • The Bellevue College website will go “naked” to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
  • AvePoint will be holding internal accessibility awareness events, sharing best practices across its global offices spanning 1,400 employees on five continents. AvePoint will also blog and use its social media feeds to reach its 10,000+ customers worldwide in order to inform them about the importance of Global Accessibility Awareness Day.
  • To mark GAAD, at Virgin Media in London,, they are publicising GAAD via a blog post on their Intranet, exposing some of the great work going on internally and externally in this space. From Ryan Soper-Powell, Senior Manager, Customer Experience (Accessibility): "We hope to encourage more of our staff to increase their awareness about accessibility so together we can help everybody live an independent digital life."
  • Looking to get started in your knowledge of digital accessibility? To mark GAAD, Luke McGrath is making his book How to Meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 available for $1 May 8 and 9.
  • Box is planning on celebrating GAAD with an internal lunchtime event. They will have talks highlighting the importance of accessibility, highlighting how they have put a fair amount of work into it recently. They will also have several computers setup to simulate different experiences: one or more without a mouse, one with the monitor turned off and a screen reader.
  • The BBC will mark GAAD internally by holding: an Accessibility Clinic, an Accessibility Learning Lunch, and an activity "Taking a screen reader for a spin.
  • The University of Georgia's statewide Web Accessibility Group (WAG) created and shared flyers statewide. Members will post the flyers on their office doors, bulletin boards and other locations to raise awareness of accessibility and to help celebrate GAAD. They have sent announcements and flyers to numerous statewide listservs for the University of Georgia and the University System of Georgia.
  • TIGA will be marking Global Accessibility Awareness day by publishing member articles (including by Ian Hamilton) about how to form business cases for accessibility in video games, and on developing game accessibility course materials in UK universities. TIGA is the non-profit trade association representing the UK's games industry. Their members include independent games developers, in-house publisher-owned developers, outsourcing companies, technology businesses and universities.
  • The IGDA's game accessibility SIG will be marking Global Accessibility Awareness Day by sharing Film Victoria's success story of implementing accessibility criteria in public funding for the games industry in Australia, with valuable learnings for all kinds of funding programmes across all industries. IGDA-GASIG are a special interest group with in the International Game Developer’s Association, formed to advance the field of accessibility in the games industry.
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