Other 2015 Global Accessibility Awareness Day Activities

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  • Minnesota State Agencies are setting up tables in lobbies and next to cafeterias to hand out materials such as stickers and promote their No Mouse Challenge. They are encouraging employees to perform their computer work for 15 minutes without using a mouse. Folks who share their stories get a treat such as a cookie.
  • NC State University will hold it's 3rd 2015 Global Accessibility Day Website Accessibility Challenge
  • The University of Georgia's (UGA's) Web Accessibility Group (WAG) willonce again celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  • At Starbucks HQ, the web and mobile teams will mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day with eleven days of accessibility. From May 11 to the 21, including over the weekend, an accessibility related activity or topic will be suggested or featured.
  • For the three weeks leading up to May 21, Cognizant is celebrating GAAD across its India locations covering: Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Kochi and Bangalore. Presentations and activities will be initiated by circulating multiple awareness mailers across team, demystifying accessibility, showcase of assistive aids workshop on digital accessibility, developing multiple accessible web components competitions, my story session by differently challenged people from various NGOs.
  • In addition to Yahoo hosting Los Angeles' Global Accessibility Awareness Day event, at their corporate HQ in Sunnyvale, their accessibility team will have an article on the significance of the day sent out to all employees. During lunch time in the main cafeteria they will have a demo station showcasing assistive technology options with their Web properties and apps. They will host an Open House in the Accessibility Lab in the afternoon. In addition to giving out t-shirts they plann to conduct a raffle.
  • The City of Casey (a suburb of Melbourne Australia) recognizes Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  • The Governmentwide Section 508 Program at GSA will commemorate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)
  • On May 21, Facebook's Accessibility Team will invite teams across Facebook that worked on accessibility to share their stories and learnings with each other at an internal event called Accessibility Lunch: Friends make accessibility better.
  • The University of Illinois will be hosting their first Brown Bag Luncheon for the campus community at the Illini Union to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day. They will promote IAAP institutional membership sign up, hand out free Bookmarklets to the first 20 people who come, and facilitate discussion of possible IT accessibility awareness events on campus for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • The University of Washington has a day of activities for its campus community to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day, including unveiling of the new University of Washington IT Accessibility Guidelines at their monthly Web Council meeting, an Access Technology Center Open House.
  • In honor of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), on Thursday May 21st, all images on Bellevue College's website will be stripped (turned off) and replaced with their alternative text. For those with sight limitations, screen readers depend on alt-text to communicate the content of images to users. Images typically contain some alt-text; how useful it is to the user will depend on how well it was written originally or modified. A prominent reference to GAAD with a link to more information on alt-text will be visible on the home page on that date as well.
  • AMI is holding an internal company Town Hall to mark GAAD on the importance of accessibility and inclusion. Our focus in that will be web accessibility, document accessibility and an internal accessibility audit that Robert Pearson kicked off analyzing all of AMI's ICT's and their inherent compliance.
  • The Digital Gap Initiative launches in Sydney Australia to coincide with Global Accessibility Awareness Day
  • The Bangladesh Society for the Change and Advocacy Nexus (B-SCAN) and Protibondhi Nagorik Shangathaner Parishad (PNSP) are jointly marking GAAD in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh with a discussion meeting about 'Accessibility: Perspective Bangladesh.' They are observing the day from all kind of accessibility to raise awareness among the related concerned authorities and persons with disabilities to build an inclusive Bangladesh.
  • Seneca College (Toronto Canada) Counselling and Accessibility Services will be celebrating GAAD for the first time by having tables/booths at four campuses May 19th to raise awareness on Digital Accessibility and their services in assisting students reach their academic potential. There will also be a draw for an iPad and other prizes on GAAD May 21st.
  • The Neil Squire Society has a number of activities in and around May 21. On the day of GAAD, they will be at the Burnaby Board of Trade "Business Showcase" at the Delta doing demos and promoting the new Technology@Work.
  • This year Turnitin is hosting a company-wide GAAD event which will take place in their Oakland HQ, but will be shared across all of their offices in Austin, Pittsburgh, Newcastle (UK), and Utrecht (Netherlands). They'll be setting up disability simulation stations throughout the office. They're also inviting a guest speaker - Lucy Greco to speak on the importance of web accessibility and also give us a demo of how she uses assistive technologies to access the web. Finally, they'll be having a team accessibility challenge competition for prizes!